Tis’ the Season to be Jolly?

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Or so we think?

After watching this week’s Dancing with the Stars, not only was I highly entertained and impressed as usual with the skills of these celebrities, but I also discovered a treasure chest of material in Justin Bieber’s guest performance on the show singing Never Say Never and conveniently singing along side Boys II Men (whom I haven’t seen in what seems like ages) a Christmas themed song from Justin Bieber’s upcoming new album, Under the Mistletoe.

Do you see anything strange here? I’ll give you a hint. Why is Justin Bieber singing on a dancing show?

It seems like Christmas is coming earlier than we are expecting.

In the years that have come to past, the three major holiday seasons: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas has always been marked by a carnival of what I consider traditional marketing. With advertisements on TV, the plethora of goods in the special aisles of CVS or Walgreens, holiday programming like Charlie Brown and the [insert number of days] of [insert appropriate holiday here] movies, radio announcements and don’t forget those Christmas songs way before the season is even upon us, we are constantly reminded the high consuming season is here.

There are a few things I see in the appearance of Justin Bieber that’s murketing for a number of things.

First, there’s the fact that Justin Bieber did a guest live performance. As much as the live audience and those of us watching at home enjoyed his performance, it wasn’t just any live performance, but one that promotes himself and his new album. For this time of the season with Christmas upon us, it’s more salient to listeners. As people get into the Christmas spirit and think about what items to buy, Justin Bieber’s album will already be floating in the minds of individuals before the regular promotional season actually starts.

Secondly, the show itself and the broadcasting producers behind it also benefit from Justin Bieber’s appearance on the show. As one of the big teen throbs, it further attracts a larger viewing audience and better ratings, which in a nutshell means more profit. As I watched the program, I almost missed the show’s quick promotion of Macy’s Stars of Dance event to promote the television premier of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque de Soliel.

Weaving performances, shows, and products across multiple media areas captures the murkiness in marketing today. Whatever one thing we watch or listen to can be working as marketing for not one but multiple products that in the end coaxes the consumer to indulge.