Everybody loves sex!

If there’s one thing that entertainment companies know, its that two things sell: sex and violence. Racy ads get viewers. Racy videos get more. So what did Fortnight Lingerie do? They made a racy viral video disguised as a public service announcement to hit their target audience. The Super Sexy CPR and the Super Sexy¬†Abdominal¬†Thrust videos feature ladies dressed in Fortnight Lingerie demonstrating proper procedures for CPR and choking first aid. The ad campaign never showed up on TV but instead only on the viral video sites Vimeo and Youtube, where its gained over 1.5 million views.

Now I know what you are thinking: women looking to buy lingerie aren’t going to be swayed by racy videos objectifying women. But think again. Fortnight was targeting a specific audience with the videos: men, who will probably be buying the lingerie as gifts. The CPR and Abdominal thrust videos are prime targets for the sort of work-day office email pass arounds that can launch a video to stardom. Men watch under the guise of a sexy video that they can pass off as “demonstrating” CPR and then, as a side, they get hit with the ad for Fortnight. Next time they are thinking about what gift to get the girlfriend or the wife, Fortnight might just pop into their heads like an incessant buzzword.

Check out the video: